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Contacting Zuma Lounge Productions

Thanks for reaching out to Zuma Lounge Productions! We are always interested in adding industry people to our "Rolodex". If you are a vendor, studio professional, or creative type use one of the two email links below. Looking forward to hearing from you, but please, do not send any attachments unless otherwise requested. Thank you.
Zuma Lounge Productions 
315 Meigs Rd, Ste A300 
Santa Barbara, CA 93109 
Gen: (310) 496 6576 LA
Gen: (805) 724-6500 SB
Eml: [ Email Zuma Lounge ]
If you are a vendor or professional that offers a service and or product that you think might help out production needs, please let us know what you are offering in the subject line. Provide easy to read links to your site and a good explanation of what it is that you do.

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If you are a VO actor, writer, production crew and would like to be considered in future productions, please email us links to your web page and or demos page, reels, albums as well as provide us your contact info as well if need get back to you.
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